4-H Ag in the Classroom

The 4-H Ag in the Classroom Programs

Welcome to the 4-H Virtual Ag in the Classroom Programs takes you on a tour of a very important industries of Texas. Find out why farming is part of your life even if you have never visited a real farm.  Come take a closer look at Agriculture in Texas!!

Curriculum Kits

The Kaufman County AgriLife Extension 4-H Ag in the Classroom Program offers  Curriculum Kits  to teachers FREE of charge. You can check out kits for 2 weeks and teach the lessons yourself or have one of our 4-H Program Assistants come and teach a specific lesson from the kit to you in a 1-hour presentation. Curriculum Kits are all-inclusive and provide teachers with math, science, social studies and English Language Arts lessons. Also included are the materials needed to complete each lesson. All lessons are aligned to the Texas Education Standards. Lessons included with the kits are a compilation of Texas AgriLife Extension 4-H lessons and lessons used by AITC Programs across the Country.

Very Hungry Texas Caterpillar-

Go on an epic journey of a hungry caterpillar! This version takes a Texas twist on Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and inspects Texas grown commodities, all while students create their own book.  Summary: All about flowering plants from parts of seeds, plants, and flowers to a look at photosynthesis, pollination, fertilization, and uses of plants.  Helps readers understand the basics of flowering plants from seed to flower including photosynthesis, pollination, and seed dispersal.  This book can be made individually by students or used as a classroom copy.  A Google Classroom has been set up with video resources and support materials for each section.   Time to Complete – 3-4 hours.  If you would like to receive more information or to sign up for the support materials please go to the =>   sign up form.

Materials for Classrooms with sign up:
    • 1 copy of Very Hungry Texas Caterpillar story
    • 1 small white rice or small white folded piece of paper (egg for page 1)
    • 1 snack-sized sandwich bag (butterfly on page 13)
    • 1 pipe cleaner (body and antenna for butterfly on page 13)
    • Colorful paper/confetti (to place inside sandwich bag for butterfly body on page 13)

Hatching in the Classroom

For 22 days your class will be learning about how eggs turn into Chicks!!!  Each day will bring fun and exciting information.  Video’s supporting each day and activities are placed on a Google Classroom site for easy access.  We have the virtual google classroom for the class to participate in with live chicks visiting the class after the “hatch” date.  We also check out incubators with 12 eggs for a grade to partner to hatch out in the classroom.  If you would like to receive more information or to sign up for the support materials, please go to the =>   sign up form.

Oh Say Can You Seed

In agriculture, plants are used as food sources, buffer zones, shade, erosion control, clothes and even fuel. All plants start as a seed, and this lesson takes students from seed parts, germination and plant parts to flower parts, pollination and seed dispersal for regrowth. It’s based on the book Oh Say Can You Seed by Bonnie Worth.  Curriculum Kit: Copies of the book for each student, mini terrariums, soil, gloves, cotton balls and seeds.

If you would like to receive more information or to sign up for the support materials please go to the =>   sign up form.


Water Stream Trailer

The lessons of the Water Stream Trailer take a look at identifying the role water plays in erosion and how the amount of water flow can affect erosion.  3 Videos take the class through what is erosion, why rivers do not run straight, and how vegetation protects streams. We have a virtual video format and also a live demonstration where a Stream Trailer is brought to the school for a live demonstration. If you would like to receive more information or to sign up for the support materials.

  • This registration is for 4-H Water Stream Trailer at Virtual Program offered by Kaufman County 4-H. Complete the required information below and click “Let’s Get Started” to receive access to the information and educational resources. This is a free educational program provided by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension through the Kaufman County 4-H Program. At the completion of the program all registered participants will be send a link to complete a program evaluation.
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