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Hippology Project Resources

The Hippology contest provide youth with the opportunity to blend the knowledge and skills acquired in horse judging, horse bowl, demonstrations, public speaking, showing and practical horse experience into one activity. Encourages a 4-H member to expand their knowledge and comprehension of equine science, comprehensive knowledge of the horse industry and management practices. To encourage youth to continue expanding their understanding, knowledge, and participation in equine science. To teach good sportsmanship through a friendly and competitive environment.

Guidelines and Rules for Texas State 4-H Roundup 2017

Study References For Hippology

Basic materials: (Use these to begin the activity and develop interest.)

Anatomy of the American Quarter Horse. American Quarter Horse Association, P.O. Box 200, Amarillo, Texas 79168. Customer inquiry phone number 806- 376-4811 (no cost).

AYHC Horse Industry Handbooks and Youth Leaders Manual — 6660 #D-451 Delmonico Colorado Springs, CO 80919 Cindy Schonholtz Toll Free: 1-800-TRY-AYHC www.horsebooketc.com

Horse Science — TEXAS EDITION.

Horses and Horsemanship — TEXAS EDITION.

*Texas 4-H Horse Judging Leader’s Manual. (AS 1-2.120).

*Texas 4-H Horse Judging Manual. (AS 3-2.051).

*Texas 4-H Horse Show Rules. (AS 3-2.043). Focused on current Texas 4-H year. One hard copy distributed to each Texas county during late winter/early spring. Download from the Extension Faculty Resource Center or the Texas 4-H Web site.

*Texas 4-H Quiz Bowl Guide. (AS 3-2.020). Summary of all rules and guidelines of the Quiz Bowl Program. Includes suggestions for starting a group and obtaining equipment.

*Texas 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl Supplement. (AS3-2.031). 23 pages of sample questions and official reference list.

Advanced materials: (These are necessary in order to participate in the horse quiz bowl activity competitively at the district level and above. Collectively, they require a financial investment of about $175 to $200.)

Horse Industry Handbooks. American Youth Horse Council, 4093-A Iron Works Pike, Lexington, KY 40511-8434 (about $60.00).

The Dictionary of the Horse – Equus.

Texas Horse Owner’s Reference Guide.

*Texas 4-H Horse Project Teaching Outlines. (AS 3-2.031). Purchase or download from the Extension Faculty Resource Center or download from the Texas 4-H Web site. These outlines are set up to teach subject matter information from the Texas Horse Owner’s Reference Guide. They must be used along with the Guide ($12).

The Horse. Evans, Borton, et.al. 2nd Edition. W.H. Freemont Co., 660 Market Street, San Franciso, CA 94104. ISBN 0-7167-1811-1. Can also access through online book stores and search engines (about $50).


Practice Tests

Hippology Stations Practice #1

Hippology Stations Practice #3           Hippology Stations Practice #3 Answers

Hippology Stations Practice #4           Hippology Stations Practice #4 Answers

Hippology Stations Practice #5           Hippology Stations Practice #5 Answers

Sr. Quiz – Section C (Bones)

Jr. Quiz – Sections F, G, L        Sr. Quiz  – Sections F, G, L

Quiz (All) – Sections C, D, E, F, G, H, J, L

 Quiz (2008) – Sections C, D, E, F, G, H, J, L


Other Extension Study Sites

North Carolina State Extension – 4-H Hippology Resources

University of Florida Extension – 4-H Hippology Resources

Neat Games Sites for Study Resources

** On these sites you need to make sure the questions and answers are correct.  Great way for the senior team members to double check for the junior members.

Quizlett – Hippology Sets


Other Contests

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