County 4-H Roundup

County Roundup

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Below you will find guidelines and entry forms.
Entry deadline online – Wednesday, March 17th.

2021 County Roundup Entry Form

Age.  Age divisions are determined by a participant’s grade as of September 1 of the current 4-H year.  There are limitations or recommendations for juniors and intermediates as it relates to equipment and visual aids.  Outlined below are the age-division specific rules for educational presentations:

Junior Grades 3, 4, 5 – No computer aided/projected presentation equipment allowed.  Posters and an easel are a suitable and recommended alternative.  Props and other visual aids are allowed.
Intermediate Grades 6, 7, 8 – Computer aided presentation equipment is allowed, but posters are highly recommended and encouraged.  Props and other visual aids are allowed.
Senior Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 – Any type of presentation equipment, props, and visual aids are allowed (if also allowed by state rules).

Entries per county. Each county may enter an unlimited number of teams/individuals per age division listed above.

Participants are required to bring 100% of their own equipment (props, posters, easels, personal computer, visual aids, extension cords, etc.), with the exception of a screen and table, which will be available in each presentation room.

FYI to Senior Contestants that advance on to Texas 4-H Roundup…..All presentations must be in some form of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, or Excel). All fonts used must be true type. These fonts specifically include Arial and Times New Roman (See Texas 4-H Roundup Rules & Guidelines for more information).

Contest officials for district will not have any equipment such as computers, projectors, or video adapters available.  It is the contestant’s sole responsibility to secure and bring all necessary equipment, and to know how to operate and troubleshoot it. So we will be using county to work all kinks out for equipment, etc.

District 4 Rules and Guidelines

2020-2021 District 4 Spring Events Guidelines


● To provide 4-H members the opportunity to compare the skills they have gained with those of other
members and with their own previous performances.
● To provide 4-H members with an opportunity to develop and practice citizenship and leadership skills
in a different environment.
● To provide opportunities for 4-H members and adults to network through recreational and social
experiences and advance their knowledge of 4-H.

State 4-H Contests Guide:  NEW!! this year… Only Senior Contestants will be able to compete.  Not Intermediates this year.

2021 Texas 4-H Roundup Guide

Public Speaking

Does the thought of speaking in front of large groups make you nervous? Do you want to learn how to be a better speaker? Overcome fear of crowds and improve your presentation skills in the public speaking project! You’ll learn how to prepare with research, organization, and then present on any given topic. By the end of this project, you will be able to speak on fascinating topics with style and poise.

Public Speaking… 4-H Style

Public Speaking Scoresheet

Educational Presentations

An educational presentation is a fun way to share information with others about your 4-H project. You can give an educational presentation by yourself or with one (1) of your 4-H friends. The Educational Presentation competitions may take place at county, district and the state level (for senior 4-H members). All presentations should address current issues related to the topic category

A 4-H educational presentation is a demonstration of your knowledge and skills in a certain project area. This presentation is done in a way that is most comfortable to you. It can be accomplished using props (method demonstration), posters or media presentations (illustrated talk), or it can be you just speaking and convincing, or simply educating, with words alone (public speaking).

What is an Educational Presentation

Educational Presentation Scoresheet


In theater and performance arts, 4-H members may participate in skits through acting, or showcase other talents such as vocal performance, play an instrument, dance, read poetry, conduct puppetry…and more! The best part of the program is the chance to have FUN and getting to share that excitement with others!

Through theater and performance arts, 4-H members will develop a spirit of cooperation, develop self-confidence through public performance, discover and develop their talents, and grow socially, culturally, and develop their leadership skills. But most importantly, theater and performance arts is about HAVING FUN!

The Share-The-Fun contest has seven categories:

  • Celebrate 4-H
  • Choreographed Routines
  • Dramedy
  • Musical/Instrumental
  • Poetry/Prose
  • Solo/Band Performance
  • Vocal

New guidelines are released each year. Entries can include up to nine 4-H members and performances must be no longer than six minutes. There are opportunities to participate at the county, district, and state (State: Senior 4-H members only) levels.

Ag Product ID Contest

A great resource => 4-H Explore Guide – Ag Product Id

Quizlet =>

Consumer Decision Making

In this project you will learn how to compare prices, test for quality and make purchases based on facts and research. You will also improve your: Money management skills, Smart purchasing skills and Decision-making skills.

2021 Texas 4-H Consumer Decision Making Categories and Descriptions

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